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Stranger Things Than Runaway Dreams by SnarkyBubble L - Les
Into the darkness I speak. “Are you thinking of me?” No answer of cou...
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We Gotta Stick Together by Prodigy J - Jack
Mush is gone, Racetrack has a secret, and Kid Blink might not be crushing on his best friend....

Coffee and Doughnuts by shinigami_nanoda B - Boots
There was more impatient knocking before David made it to the door. He looked through the peephole and saw Jack standing there holding two of the largest cups of coffee that David had ever seen, along with a box that could only be filled with doughnuts....

A Hodgepodge of Drabbles by shinigami_nanoda B - Boots
A series of drabbles ...

What You Want by cymbalism S - Spot
[Update: Chapter 6 - The Hardest Part] Jack wants a future. David wants what he can't have. Spot knows you never get what you want unless you take it....

Seasons by Narewien S - Spot
Kid Blink and Spot are two boys who's circumstances keep bring them together. Will fate pull them apart, or bring them together?...

Welcome to The Refuge, our home sweet home.

This is a Newsies slash archive, meaning that the stories here a) are all Newsies fanfiction, and b) are all slash (male/male or female/female relationship based). Unlike other archives in the fandom, The Refuge is moderated for story quality and accepts fics of all ratings. You can find out more about our quality standards at the submission guidelines and FAQ. Be sure to note our ratings system.

Feel free to poke around, register, check out the forum and add stories. We're looking forward to getting to know you all.

Site News
Summer Secret Slash 2012!
Oh my god! WE'RE ALIVE!! I know, I was surprised too when I realized. Anyway, to celebrate the fact that we still exist, we are doing, are you ready for it, a SUMMER SECRET SLASH.

The dates: You have from now until midnight on MONDAY, MAY 28 to sign up.
Assignments will be mailed out on or by Saturday, June 2, and you will have all of June to work on them. Fics will be due July 1 and will be posted publicly shortly thereafter.

How to sign up...
First, if you haven't yet, register for the forum. And then, the same basic rules we always use: on this thread, leave your penname, e-mail, your favorite pairing (what you'd like to receive), three characters you feel you write well, and three simple story prompts. (Prompts should be fairly general; as basic as "hot summer day," or a little more specific like "eating too many Christmas cookies" but nothing too specific, so your writer has plenty of room to run with it.)

The rules for writers...
-Fics must be slashy, centered around the pairing/prompt you're given (note: you do not have to work in all three prompts; just one is fine).
-The fic should be at LEAST 500 words (about a page, single spaced). More is fine (and encouraged!) but you should be able to do that much, at least.
-Ratings should be between G and PG-13ish.
-Fics must be kept secret (not posted anywhere publicly) until they're revealed in January, and you should also keep whose fic you're writing a secret.
-We definitely encourage you to use a beta! You can ask for one in the forums if you need to.
-Send your fic to me -- studentnumber24601 [at] gmail [dot] com -- as an attachment in a .doc, .txt, .rtf, or .html format please.
-We require that you put in your own formatting tags, such as italics (feel free to ask if you need to know how). If you skip that step, your formatting won't show up.

NOTE: I've taken out our previous "fics must be fluffy" rule, but since these fics are all gifts, I'd personally suggest erring on the side of fluff.

What happens if you don't get your fic in on time? We're glad you asked that question...
First: We will be annoyed. That will result in absolutely nothing happening, but seriously, these things take a lot of time for the moderators, and we're all busy people. It is incredibly disrespectful to sign up for an exchange and not live up to your end of the bargain, not to mention disappointing to the person whose fic you defaulted on. So don't do it. Okay? Okay.

As for the actual penalty: you will be barred from participating in future Refuge exchanges. Those of you who failed to get your fic previously, or were more than several days late, are not eligible to participate.

(That said, if you KNOW that your fic will be late or you will be unable to complete it, please email me ASAP and let me know so we can work out arrangements so everyone gets a completed fic. That way I won't get mad, and no one loses out on getting fic, so everyone gets a happy ending.)

Drop any questions into the thread below. Sign ups begin... Now!

--B on 05.15.2012 - 06:49PM 46 Comments
Secret Slash Posted!
Our holiday exchange fics are up! Check 'em out, and be sure to discuss in the forums!

--B on 01.01.2011 - 06:16PM 43 Comments
Secret Slash Posted!
Secret Slash for the Summer is up! Don't forget you can discuss in the forums! Huge thanks to TSB for all organizing and coding. ♥

--B on 07.04.2010 - 07:12PM 37 Comments
Forums: Reborn!
The forums are back! Albeit at a slightly different URL. You should still be able to use your old login info and whatnot. Please update any links and bookmarks accordingly.

--B on 06.05.2010 - 08:27PM 56 Comments
Forum Troubles
You aren't imagining it: the forums are down. This is hopefully, but not 100% definitely, a temporary problem. We'll keep you updated as there's news.

--B on 06.03.2010 - 08:42PM 54 Comments
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