The House of Refuge

By Falco


New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere

The Only Living Boy in New York - Simon and Garfunkel
Half of the time were gone
But we don't know where,
And we don't know here.

You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

The Way We Get By - Spoon
We get high in backseats of cars
We put faith in our concerns
Fall in love to Down on the Street
We believe in the sum of ourselves

The Kids Aren't Alright - OutKast
Chances blown, nothing's free
Longing for what used to be
Still, it's hard, hard to see
Fragile lives, shattered dreams

I Fought the Law - The Clash
I needed money cause I had none
I fought the law and the law won

Let it Rain - Tracy Chapman
Give me hope
That help is coming
When I need it most

Am I Born to Die? - Tim Eriksen
And am I born to die
To lay this body down
And as my trembling spirit fly
Into a world unknown

I'll Fly Away - Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch
When the shadows of this life have gone
I'll fly away
Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly
I'll fly away

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
'Cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life
Trying to make ends meet
Trying to find some money then you die

December - Regina Spektor
We are not evacuating this house
We don't believe in you and your wrecking crew

With A Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles
How do I feel by the end of the day
Are you sad because you're on your own
No, I get by with a little help from my friends

Give A Man A Home - Ben Harper
Have you ever worn thin
Have you ever never known where to begin

Shelter - Ray Lamontagne
I guess you don't need it
I guess you don't want me to repeat it
But everything I have to give I'll give to you

Safe - Travis
I'm not afraid of anything they've got to say
And you're ok because you're tucked away

When I Got Troubles - Bob Dylan
Swing your troubles, swing your troubles away