Being Gay in High School ain't so great! by Blinksgirl555
Summary: Blink/Mush and Spot/Race are the pairings. I'd like to see a modern day high school relationship with the two pairings. The other newsies should be brought in for flavor but I want the four i've mentioned in their. Make a story about how the two couples go through the four years of high school as being openly gay couples. You can have any rating. The higher the better because I hate slash fics rated in kiddy levels. Do what ever you wish to them?
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Characters: Blink, Boots, Bumlets, Crutchy, David, Denton, Dutchy, Esther, Itey, Jack, Jonathan, Judge Monahan, Kloppman, Les, Mayer, Medda, Morris, Mush, Oscar, Pie Eater, Pulitzer, Racetrack, Sarah, Seitz, Skittery, Snipeshooter, Snitch