Summer Secret Slash 2012!
Oh my god! WE'RE ALIVE!! I know, I was surprised too when I realized. Anyway, to celebrate the fact that we still exist, we are doing, are you ready for it, a SUMMER SECRET SLASH.

The dates: You have from now until midnight on MONDAY, MAY 28 to sign up.
Assignments will be mailed out on or by Saturday, June 2, and you will have all of June to work on them. Fics will be due July 1 and will be posted publicly shortly thereafter.

How to sign up...
First, if you haven't yet, register for the forum. And then, the same basic rules we always use: on this thread, leave your penname, e-mail, your favorite pairing (what you'd like to receive), three characters you feel you write well, and three simple story prompts. (Prompts should be fairly general; as basic as "hot summer day," or a little more specific like "eating too many Christmas cookies" but nothing too specific, so your writer has plenty of room to run with it.)

The rules for writers...
-Fics must be slashy, centered around the pairing/prompt you're given (note: you do not have to work in all three prompts; just one is fine).
-The fic should be at LEAST 500 words (about a page, single spaced). More is fine (and encouraged!) but you should be able to do that much, at least.
-Ratings should be between G and PG-13ish.
-Fics must be kept secret (not posted anywhere publicly) until they're revealed in January, and you should also keep whose fic you're writing a secret.
-We definitely encourage you to use a beta! You can ask for one in the forums if you need to.
-Send your fic to me -- studentnumber24601 [at] gmail [dot] com -- as an attachment in a .doc, .txt, .rtf, or .html format please.
-We require that you put in your own formatting tags, such as italics (feel free to ask if you need to know how). If you skip that step, your formatting won't show up.

NOTE: I've taken out our previous "fics must be fluffy" rule, but since these fics are all gifts, I'd personally suggest erring on the side of fluff.

What happens if you don't get your fic in on time? We're glad you asked that question...
First: We will be annoyed. That will result in absolutely nothing happening, but seriously, these things take a lot of time for the moderators, and we're all busy people. It is incredibly disrespectful to sign up for an exchange and not live up to your end of the bargain, not to mention disappointing to the person whose fic you defaulted on. So don't do it. Okay? Okay.

As for the actual penalty: you will be barred from participating in future Refuge exchanges. Those of you who failed to get your fic previously, or were more than several days late, are not eligible to participate.

(That said, if you KNOW that your fic will be late or you will be unable to complete it, please email me ASAP and let me know so we can work out arrangements so everyone gets a completed fic. That way I won't get mad, and no one loses out on getting fic, so everyone gets a happy ending.)

Drop any questions into the thread below. Sign ups begin... Now!

--B on 05.15.2012 - 06:49PM 46 Comments
Secret Slash Posted!
Our holiday exchange fics are up! Check 'em out, and be sure to discuss in the forums!

--B on 01.01.2011 - 06:16PM 43 Comments
Secret Slash Posted!
Secret Slash for the Summer is up! Don't forget you can discuss in the forums! Huge thanks to TSB for all organizing and coding. ♥

--B on 07.04.2010 - 07:12PM 37 Comments
Forums: Reborn!
The forums are back! Albeit at a slightly different URL. You should still be able to use your old login info and whatnot. Please update any links and bookmarks accordingly.

--B on 06.05.2010 - 08:27PM 56 Comments
Forum Troubles
You aren't imagining it: the forums are down. This is hopefully, but not 100% definitely, a temporary problem. We'll keep you updated as there's news.

--B on 06.03.2010 - 08:42PM 54 Comments
New Years Secret Slash 2009/2010!
Secret Slash 2009/2010 fics are up! Don't forget to discuss in the forum!

--B on 01.01.2010 - 11:28AM 16 Comments
Lazy Days of Summer Secret Slash
The Lazy Days of Summer Secret Slash exchange fics are posted! Read and discuss in the forum!

--B on 08.01.2009 - 11:39AM 15 Comments
Secret Slash Posted!
Secret Slash fics are up! You can discuss them in the forums!

--B on 12.30.2008 - 09:06AM 13 Comments
Secret Slash
As always, we are bringing you Secret Slash for the Holidays. Sign ups are going on now!

--B on 11.16.2008 - 08:02PM 14 Comments
State of the Refuge: What's New, What's Fixed, What's Back
In case you were wondering what I do when I'm feeling fannish but don't have the attention span to write a story, the answer is actually get things accomplished on the site. If you're curious about what's been up lately, check out the new State of the Refuge posted in the forums.

--B on 05.12.2008 - 06:38PM 19 Comments
Hooray! FINALLY!
I actually managed to fix a problem around here without further breaking the place! Two known bugs -- the error when you try and delete reviews, and the error when you try and respond to reviews -- seem to be fixed. If they still give you trouble or you discover any further strangeness, please let me know!

ETA: Seems I may have spoken too soon -- as a mod, I can delete reviews but it doesn't seem to be working for other users. So if you've acquired any you'd like me to get rid of, let me know; and unfortunately, this necessitates turning anon reviews back off. Luckily, accounts are free and easy to create!

--B on 05.10.2008 - 10:52AM 19 Comments
So the Refuge turns four years old today. It would have been off to pre-k in human child terms... And probably college in internet years. Four years is a long time for a small website to go without getting abandoned generally, and I think it's even (relatively) longer among fandoms, where people's attention spans tend to wander. Even more so for such a small fandom.

So in the past four years, we've had a lot of people come and go. We -- by which I mean I -- almost killed the place once. (Oops!) We've had thousands of discussions on the forums and have picked more nits than I can even count when it comes to dissecting canon. And the stories, people. The beautiful, wonderful stories.

But mostly this place, over the course of four years, has developed into exactly the kind of community, that TSB, Signpost, and I dreamed of. We wanted a home on the internet where we could have friends and goof off and enjoy singing, dancing, slashy newsboys. And we ended up with an even nicer, more talented and fantastic group than any of us could have anticipated.

So here's to the past four years, and looking forward to four more to come.

Oh, and here's that big birthday collage I promised. Since I know that's what you were looking for.

--B on 05.06.2008 - 04:40PM 21 Comments
Review Spam
Due to a completely random influx of review spam on one of our accounts here, I've had to turn off anonymous reviews. I know it's a pain, but it's better than getting 60 spam reviews in your inbox!

ETA: This problem seems to be resolved as of 5/10, so I'm re-enabling anonymous reviews.

--B on 05.03.2008 - 07:09PM 18 Comments
The Refuge Birthday Extravangaza!
The Refuge's fourth birthday is on May 6, so we're celebrating with what will be--hopefully--a huge online collage with contributions by many of our community members. Curious to find out more, or how to contribute? It's all in the forums, baby.

--B on 03.30.2008 - 06:30PM 16 Comments
Some updates and Refuge bugs (yes, we have them)
First, some tweaking: I fiddled with the main page layout organization. I moved the old slash exchanges to the main page, so people can actually find them (hooray!).

Additionally, I tweaked the submissions guidelines. There are no changes, I just edited for clarity on multiple chapter-submission rules. If you've got any questions, as always, feel free to email me.

As for the bug, I'm sure most of you have noticed, but I figure a reminder is always a good thing. There are some bugs around this place that are a bit beyond my technical ability to fix. (Any volunteers who happen to know PHP and mySQL?) I know it's annoying, but the biggest one is the special characters issue. Basically what happens is that any special characters (curly quotation marks/apostrophes, em- and en-dashes, ellipses, and so on) don't work properly in our system, and show up as other, completely random symbols in most browsers. If you're reading a fic that's got question marks where they don't seem to belong, that's why.

Unfortunately, since I don't know how to fix it, we're stuck with living with it. I know it's a pain in the tuchas, believe me, but I'd like to ask authors to please check their fics as they submit them to try and catch these characters. Basically, anything that auto-corrects in Word is likely to be a problem in the archive. But if you're stuck on having the special characters, the archive does accept most HTML tags, so those are always an option. You can google or email me to find out how those work.

We won't be rejecting fics that have special character issues, since that's a technical problem and not a writing one, but I would urge people to please, please check their fics for quirks as you submit, and may remind people about this even as they're accepted.

--B on 03.14.2008 - 10:02PM 20 Comments
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Mx. has resigned as a mod. We'll miss you, Mx!

--B on 03.10.2008 - 04:19PM 20 Comments
Featured Fics
After, oh, a couple of years (or something like that) I finally updated the featured fics area! Certainly not because I only just remembered how. Anyway, check 'em out; they're some of my favorites.

--B on 03.05.2008 - 05:45PM 18 Comments
Secret Slash for the Holidays!
The long awaited fics! They are up! Here, let me show you them. And after, remember to discuss in the forums.

We're missing one fic, but it'll be up as soon as we get it. Sorry!

--Gwen on 01.05.2008 - 11:20AM 16 Comments
Secret Slash Soon!
Sorry about the delays, but the Secret Slash fics will be up soon! Thanks for your patience.

--Gwen on 01.04.2008 - 11:13PM 20 Comments
Secret Slash for the Holidays!
Sign ups for Secret Slash for the Holidays '07 are now open! Go here! Go to it.

--Gwen on 12.03.2007 - 09:48PM 12 Comments
Summer Slash Posted!
They're up! Now go talk about them in the forums!

(We are missing one fic - it will be posted as soon as it comes in. We're really sorry about that, but were already late with getting these up. Sorry sorry sorry.)

--B on 07.05.2007 - 06:29PM 15 Comments
Summer Slash!
We moved this year's secret slash exchange back a couple it is now up and running in the forum as Summer Secret Slash. Check it out.

--B on 05.28.2007 - 04:32PM 16 Comments
We took down the "Challenges" option for the Refuge, as it was basically never used and nothing but a big ol' spam magnet. Instead, you're all welcome to issue challenges for fics in the forums.

--B on 02.18.2007 - 11:38AM 13 Comments
Holiday Slash Posted!
The Secret Slash fics are up! Feel free to discuss in the forum!

--B on 12.25.2006 - 08:44PM 28 Comments
Holiday Slash Exchange
Signups for this year's Secret Holiday Slash Exchange are now officially open! Go to the forums to apply.

--Gwen on 11.23.2006 - 11:17AM 16 Comments
Important Annoucement
Due to our time crunches, we're looking for new moderators to help out around here. The application is in the forums, and we hope some of y'all, who make this place so much fun, will consider applying.

--B on 11.06.2006 - 09:09PM 8 Comments
Busy, busy, busy...
We just wanted to let everyone know we're sorry it's taking us so long to get fics read and approved; some of you have been waiting for upwards of a month (and very patiently, for which we thank you). Life for all three of us is exceptionally busy and stressful right now; we really will get to fics as soon as we can. Hang on tight, and feel free to play in the forums while you wait.

--B on 10.13.2006 - 05:26PM 12 Comments
Blink Week!
As always, Blink Week will be held July 15-22.

--B on 06.14.2006 - 06:54PM 12 Comments
Something funny going on around here...
Something odd is going on in these parts; it's possible we've been hacked. We're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, but y'all should, as always, back up your files. In the mean time, in case you're curious, nope... no one's been arrested.

--B on 05.14.2006 - 02:46PM 18 Comments
Submitted Fics
No, we haven't forgotten to look at the fics that have been submitted. We've just been busy, but someone will get to them this weekend.

--TSB on 04.26.2006 - 06:38PM 19 Comments
Srping Slash Complete!
Thanks largely to TSB being willing to put a whooooole lot of time into this, spring slash fics are up! Don't forget to check out the praise thread on the forum and give your thanks!

--B on 04.13.2006 - 05:26PM 17 Comments
Spring Slash Signup!
Once again we bring you Spring Secret Slash! Go ahead and post your prompts!

--TSB on 03.05.2006 - 01:21PM 16 Comments
State of the Refuge, New Category, Forum Fixed
First, I am almost entirely sure the forum is fixed for real this time. Seriously. However, all posts and new users since January 13th-ish have been lost. Alas. But so far, no errors!

Second, State of the Refuge #4 is up. This one discusses a handful of the new features we've got around here, so it's worth checking out.

Third, the State of the Refuge mentions the new category we've created (Short Fiction), as something which has technical issues and isn't open to the public yet. Well, I am pleased to announce that the technical issues are resolved, and it's open for business. (And if you already have posted drabbles/ficlets, you are not required to change the category they're placed in, though you may if you so choose.)

Please note the submission rules for drabbles. And enjoy!

Whew. Hopefully, as much as I love writing these, that's all the news for awhile.

--B on 02.09.2006 - 01:46PM 18 Comments

We have achieved status, "Booyah!"
The forums are back as well! In other words... We're totally back in business, yo. Sorry for the hard times and thanks for your patience.

And now, you'll keep back ups of all your fics and reviews, right?


ETA: Not quite, actually, damn it. Things are still wonky.

ETA2: Well, maybe they are? It seems like they're almost entirely working, but occasionally spitting up error messages when I and a few others have tried to post. We're leaving them as-is for now, and will try and come up with a complete way to resolve this as soon as we can. You can see this post for some more info, if you're having issues.)

--B on 02.08.2006 - 11:54AM 19 Comments

Excellent news!
Well, looking at the main page is a little odd -- all those nice, lovely, lengthy updates on the status of the upgrade, site crash, and subsequent recovery are gone. This is a good thing. Why?

Because the recovery is complete. HA!

I yelled that triumphant "ha!" as though I had something to do with it. I didn't, really. I tried everything I could think of, got frustrated, cried, whined, and drafted a friend who is much more computer savvy than I (read: actually understands this stuff). The end result?

If you love the Refuge, you now love Matt. He spent eight hours -- seriously, eight hours -- fixing the database and rewriting the script for this place, so we have all of our stories and reviews back. Eight hours!

There are a few things that are wonky. As a side effect of all of this, all chaptered fics have lost chapter titles. If this really bothers you, you can log in to your account and change it manually. It also means that, since we had to revert to an old version of the database, anyone who has registered an account since the upgrade (the last three weeks or so) must re-register. Sorry about that.

The forums are still down. We'll let you know as soon as that's been resolved.

However, you can now play with all the new features! We're open for submissions again, and you can now issue challenges, create and generally resume having a grand old, gay-newsboy-filled time.

And leave comments here about how much you love Matt, damn it.

ETA: Matt just fixed the chapter name problem, too!

--B on 02.07.2006 - 09:29PM 18 Comments

Secret Slash
Secret Slash fics are up! Well... most of 'em, anyway. Once you've read them, feel free to discuss in the forums.

--B on 01.01.2006 - 07:52PM 19 Comments
Secret Slash for the Holidays 2005
Secret Slash signups have begun!

--B on 12.01.2005 - 09:17PM 17 Comments
At long last: State of the Refuge #3.

--B on 10.24.2005 - 10:27PM 15 Comments
Hey, did y'all know we have a word limit for chapters? I didn't, but it turns out we do. I'm not quite sure where it is, but it's somewhere less than 25 pages...

In other news, my birthday is in next week! That means two things:

1) My hosting service has been paid up for another year (thanks, Mom and Dad); and,
2) Blink Week starts the 15th. So get writing!

--B on 07.09.2005 - 07:09PM 14 Comments

Happy Birthday!
Er... Maybe happy anniversary?

Either way, as of today, The Refuge is one year old! Thanks from the three of us to all of you for making this such a fun year, and for making this place a success. We've really come to love it and it wouldn't be the same without all of our amazing Refugees.

Anyhoo, we had hoped to have a big surprise ready for today, but... Given finals, that didn't so much work out. We'll get to it. In the mean time, enjoy the celebratory banner, which I think will be up for awhile. Certainly not because I'm too lazy to switch it back.

And now, sadly, back to my paper.

--B on 05.05.2005 - 11:06PM 19 Comments

Featured fics
The two new featured fics are, well, featured. Check them out if you haven't yet; both are worth your time, I promise.

--B on 05.04.2005 - 11:13AM 16 Comments
More about the bug
Signpost posted about the bug we found awhile ago that was turning stories into single-paragraph messes. Basically, it seems to work like this: our script recgonizes line breaks without a tag when you first upload/paste your story in, but then when you preview it, it looses all of the returns and turns it into a giant paragraph. This also happens whenever you try to edit a fic.

The way to avoid it is to put in paragraph or line break tags. If y'all could do this from now on, it would make editing fics easier (for you) and changing featured fics easier (for me). Speaking of which, I'm slowly in the process of changing the featured fics, so stay tuned.

--B on 05.03.2005 - 10:31AM 14 Comments

Spring Slash is up!
The Secret Spring Slash fics are posted! Check 'em out!

--B on 04.16.2005 - 04:04PM 14 Comments
State of the Refuge #2
State of the Refuge #2 is up. It details several things, such as the addition of our essay section and the new rating system. We even got the bugs out of the ratings, and by "we", clearly I mean the fabulous Carissa. Check out the new stuff, it's neat.

--TSB on 04.08.2005 - 08:14PM 16 Comments
Racetrack and David Weeks!
In honor of my 21st birthday, Racetrack week will be held from April 7-14th.

In honor of the birthday of the insane David fangirls, David week will be the 22-29th.

Both Racetrack and David weeks will be having prizes.

--TSB on 03.29.2005 - 09:19PM 11 Comments
Springy Secret Slash!
That's right, everyone, we have a brand-spanking-new secret slash project for y'all to delight in! If you enjoyed the Secret Santa Slash, well, then mosey on over to the forums to sign up for Secret Slash for the Spring! And if you weren't around yet for the Secret Santa Slash, or just didn't do it... Well, you'll definitely want to do it this time around!

--signpost on 03.06.2005 - 10:39PM 17 Comments
There seems to be a slight issue with uploading fics the last couple of days; for some reason the site has been erasing formatting (specifically, paragraph breaks). If this happened to your fic, please try to login to your account and fix it, and if you see that it's happened to another author, try to let them know if you can.

Thanks, guys, and sorry for the inconvenience.

--signpost on 02.26.2005 - 11:39PM 18 Comments
100 fics!
Congratulations to Mispring (kappertje) for submitting the Refuge's 100th fic!

--B on 01.22.2005 - 02:57PM 17 Comments
Secret Slash
Happy New Year, y'all. Now that I've had a few hours to sober up, the Secret Slash fics are all posted. Enjoy!

--B on 01.01.2005 - 12:41AM 11 Comments
Happy holidays!
We're doing a secret slash exchange for the generic holidays! Check it out over in the forums.

--B on 12.06.2004 - 11:07PM 11 Comments
Well, we're still alive, really. We're working on the waiting fics and applications to the RPG; thanks for your patience. Also, we're now listed at Carrying The Banner and hopefully this link will suffice until I find a place to put a permanent one in this layout.

--B on 10.18.2004 - 01:26PM 18 Comments
Computers are evil
So, both B and signpost currently have broken computers. As in seriously broken, and I'm basically their only source of internet connection. So if we've been ignoring your submissions for both fanfics and the RPG... that would be why. We'll try to get back up to speed soon enough.

--TSB on 09.26.2004 - 09:56AM 17 Comments
New Project
Check out details in the forum. ;)

--B on 09.04.2004 - 07:48PM 14 Comments
Announcing Blink Week
This year's Blink Week (second annual, now, how cool is that?) will be July 15th through 21st, to celebrate my birthday, because it's all about me, all the time. Of course.

This year, there will even be a mini-fic archive for all Blink Week stories, and a contest. Info is all over here.

--B on 07.05.2004 - 09:54PM 19 Comments

Just so everyone knows, the three of us all have summer jobs and not as much free time as we'd like. Signpost and I are both relegated to dial-up, and my computer is busted and I'm a bit hesitant about reading slash on my family's PC.

So, in short, it might take a bit longer to get things validated than we'd like. Sorry, but we'll do what we can.

--B on 06.13.2004 - 02:59PM 14 Comments

Cleaning Up
Well, as you can see, we have a new banner, because as beautiful as Lute's fanart is, my graphic skills suck a whole lot. So, this was made by the fabulous and talented Pioson Ivory. She also made a whole set of 50 (50!) avatars for our forums; you can choose them by going to the "newsies" from the avatar gallery menu. So, many many thanks to Poison Ivory.

Also, I fixed the pages where the background wasn't showing up, so there should be background now.

--B on 05.14.2004 - 05:40PM 21 Comments

Submitting Multiple Chapters
Hey guys, from now on, when submitting multiple chapters of the same fic, wait until the first chapter has gone up before submitting the next one.

--TSB on 05.13.2004 - 12:05PM 17 Comments
Catagory strangeness
The count of stories in each category seems to be a bit off; it counts each story that is not accepted as a negative one. I have no idea how to fix this, but will look into it.

--B on 05.09.2004 - 01:23PM 14 Comments
Grand Opening!
And we're open for business. Thanks very much to the lovely PoisonIvory and Shimmerwings for beta testing this place, as well as to Carissa for helping set it up.

So come join! Play with us!

--B on 05.06.2004 - 07:12PM 19 Comments
Introducing: Help Page
Well, it's up. It made way more sense when Signpost and I wrote it last night, largely a side effect of not wanting to study for finals. But I think it gets the job done.

--B on 05.06.2004 - 11:02AM 15 Comments
Introducing: Genres
Y'all can now assign genres to your stories. I suggest that if you've already uploaded a few, you edit them to add it in.

To do: help page, rules. And then we're opening!

--B on 05.05.2004 - 09:08PM 19 Comments

More Notes to B
For non board type stuff.. we have Spot listed in characters twice. The list is still out of order. *kicks it* And we still need to decide on genres.
And I should really be doing work instead of playing with the site... And you are still the coolest person ever

--TSB on 05.05.2004 - 05:25PM 14 Comments
Notes to B
For the login, Carissa says to check the URL on the settings page, and make sure the http is before the domain address.
Also, Carissa suggests putting a "site powered by efiction" with a link, since we got the script for free and all.
And, you rule.

--TSB on 05.04.2004 - 08:28PM 20 Comments
It is official.
I rule, and am the Queen of Everything.

--B on 05.04.2004 - 05:30PM 18 Comments
Note to self...
Find out what the mysql error on the main page is, why the skin won't stay as a preference, figure out a slogan, finish the skin, figure out why the main page won't load at all in the skin, try and find that bizarro login error and fix it, get skin running, make it defaul t & delete all others, fix dumbass thing you did with character list, figure out genres and warnings, write help page, edit page information and whatnot, try and get someone who actually has graphics ability to, you know, use it on our behalf, make TSB an admin.

Oh yeah, and study for finals.

--B on 05.04.2004 - 12:25AM 22 Comments
Testing, testing...
Hello? Is this thing on?

--B on 05.03.2004 - 11:26PM 25 Comments