Reviewer: ankeel Signed Date: 06.22.2008 - 06:10PM Title: 1.

Oh, wow, really nice! I loved this-- it was well told, nicely paced, and not OOC at all. I loved finding out David and Jack's futures-- both of which fit rather well.

Reviewer: Spirit414 Signed Date: 10.07.2007 - 02:41PM Title: 1.

Wow.....this was really good. one of the best Javid fics i've read

Reviewer: Regina Anonymous Date: 08.20.2006 - 01:19PM Title: 1.

love it! the pace could've been faster, but it was worth reading.

Reviewer: AngryKidWithNoMoney Signed Date: 03.28.2006 - 09:17PM Title: 1.

Splendid job. Probably the best Javid fics i've ever read.

Reviewer: Michi C Anonymous Date: 02.22.2006 - 09:06PM Title: 1.

Oh God. Oh wow. This is perfect. I've been aching for Newsies slash ever since I rewatched the movies, and this is just so damn fulfilling. Your writing is clear, concise, and cohesive, and I cannot stress the importance of that enough. Oh God. This is beautiful. It is so complete and comprehensive, covering so many aspects of their lives, and so believable, too. Thank you. Thank you so much for this.