Reviews For Piano Man

Reviewer: sterlingsuspenders Signed Date: 09.15.2010 - 01:26PM Title: Piano Man

That broke my heart--especially the part where he mistakes John for Blink, just because it's the very first of the rememberances and it sort of took my breath away; it's something that can resonate really well with an audience, because we've all had that moment where we turn and see someone else--someone we miss. You used it brilliantly--I didn't see it coming and it twisted my chest.
I really like the way you handle everything as being a part of the past--it mirrors life very realistically, in how things come and go and nothing is forever. And even Spot, who's still around, is distanced because of the past. It all worked very well--an extremely cognitive piece. Awesome job!

Reviewer: Quill Signed Date: 03.25.2009 - 02:50PM Title: Piano Man

This was beautiful. At times, it almost made me tear up a little. And I'm not easy to make tear up. Very well done.

Reviewer: ladililnn Signed Date: 02.22.2009 - 12:11PM Title: Piano Man

Well. That was...depressing. But also very very good and quite well-written! You must have a knack for angsty Sprace. XD

Anyway, great job with the regret, the change, the nostalgia and all the emotions...those things get to me every time. Amazing work.

Reviewer: studentnumber24601 Signed Date: 03.13.2008 - 03:34PM Title: Piano Man

Why so sad, future fic? *snuffle* I always want my boys to be loving and cuddling and basically a giant pile of puppies. But I suppose if you're going to for wistful and poignant, this is it, especially in the end.

Incidentally, I'm glad to see Sarah was actually in this fic. Jack, what a cad. Pah. Ditto Jacobs family, who I usually love! But it was good to see her with facetime and an actual life. So hooray for that.