Reviews For How to Kiss a Girl

Reviewer: sterlingsuspenders Signed Date: 09.11.2010 - 05:25PM Title: How to Kiss a Girl

So I would just like to inform you that I am in love with this fanfiction.
It's adorable and so very in character. You're characterizations for them are completely spot on, and unlike a lot of FFs have the tendancy to, your kiss is neither rushed nor awkward/out of place. The timing is perfect, the banter is funny, and I love the concept of David giving Jack dating advice.
I also laughed at Jack's "... You kiss her. ... okay NOW, you kiss her." moments. Adorable.

Reviewer: TingedGreen Signed Date: 10.10.2009 - 09:47PM Title: How to Kiss a Girl

Read this on and I'm sure I told you how dearly I loved it, but let me reiterate that it's absolutely fantastic, in both characterization and progression. You also handled the dialouge really well. LOVE the ending spot. Great work!

Reviewer: Delorita Signed Date: 02.23.2009 - 12:53PM Title: How to Kiss a Girl

hmmm, now I am wondering, how many girls or boys David had kissed already or if the experience only came from daydreaming about kissing Jack.
Loved his words, that Jack can't just "plant one on her" (so much reference to the movie hehe). Also loved the subtle hints that Jack suddenly was aware of how David looked and moved etc. And well, the build up to the kiss had me on the edge of my seat. H O T !!

Reviewer: studentnumber24601 Signed Date: 07.24.2008 - 09:19AM Title: How to Kiss a Girl

So I'm rereading this and not sure I ever reviewed anywhere. Bad me. But -- this is an amazing kiss. It's so tense but also smooth and right, and actually really romantic. And this fic makes me long for great context, but is a lovely little piece all on its own.