Reviews For Edge

Reviewer: cassy1994 Signed Date: 01.28.2012 - 05:28PM Title: Edge

this was a cute sprace

Reviewer: Rustie73 Signed Date: 03.30.2009 - 02:45AM Title: Edge

How did you sneak this one in under my radar?

The symbolism in this piece is outstanding. The comparison of Spot to the knife, both in purpose and physically, is unmistakable and inspired.

I was taken by both the emotion and the tactile presence in this story. Spotís posture and fingering of the knife along with Raceís movements and purpose gave this a wonderfully dark and visceral quality.

I really REALLY liked this piece.

Reviewer: QuinFirefrorefiddle Signed Date: 03.05.2009 - 08:50PM Title: Edge

Oooh, I *like* this. With all those conversations we were having about how maybe Spot isn't devilspawn a few months ago- I really think he's probably journeyed to that edge, and you took us there. (And I just now got the double entendre of the title. I feel smart.) I like the Race is able to help Spot come back to himself- he doesn't do it for him, but he's right there with him, as the best of friends (or more) are. This seems like how Spot would react to his first kill. Thank you.

Reviewer: ladililnn Signed Date: 02.22.2009 - 12:08PM Title: Edge

Amazing drabble/ficlet! You managed to squeeze so much emotion into such a short piece. It was very well-written and very dark, but it had a bit of hope at the end, which is great because I'm a sucker for somewhat-happy endings.

Author's Response: Thank you! I did set out to pack an emotional wallop -- glad you felt it! And I\'m a sucker for the ray-of-hope ending, too. Sprace fic should be like good chocolate -- dark and semi-sweet.

Reviewer: Lielabell Signed Date: 02.22.2009 - 07:37AM Title: Edge

Darn it all! I wrote out this long gushing review and it disappeared into the ether. *is very unhappy*

Anyway, the main point of it was that this is fabulous. You captured their relationship perfectly. I adored Race in particular, the way he knew what Spot was thinking without being told and instinctively knew what to say to counter it is exactly right.

Spot looked down again at the knife, slight and sharp and soulless.

This line is brilliant. It flawlessly depicts all that Spot is/fears he will be.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, love. I worked really extra hard to make all those things happen. Thanks for being my inspiration on this one!