Reviews For Just One Night

Reviewer: parkranger Anonymous Date: 05.25.2004 - 11:48PM Title: First and Only

guuuuuuh. Okay. I was just complaining about the utter lack of SpRace smut (which is just ridiculous considering how smutty of a couple they are!), and this, like, yeah. WOOOOOO! SPRAAAAAACE! But, but, it's sad! But hopeful! I WANT A SEQUEL!

Reviewer: Flame Anonymous Date: 07.04.2004 - 10:13AM Title: First and Only

You're story is AMAZING. It captured the boys personalities well

Reviewer: Strawberri Shake Signed Date: 06.06.2004 - 01:00PM Title: First and Only

OMG SPRACE! *hugs Lute* I loved it loved it loved it. It was perfect. And I'm glad Spot's mom approved in the end. Once again GREAT.