One of the highest forms of entertainment is the musical comedy. It is an art which Broadway has perfected over the years. The set form of the musical comedy can make any relationship into a show stopper.

One set example of this, would be a relationship that I myself am part of. Who am I? My name is Specs. I'm a Broadway geek, and I swear to God that my relationship with my boyfriend, Dutchy, is straight out of a musical comedy.

The overture...well, probably something ridiculously fluffy and romantic, with a comedic edge to it. Probably some sort of dramatic B part, maybe something out of a Cy Coleman show. Although, with my life, I'm more likely to hear the score for "Comedy Tonight" from Forum. But hey, it's still Sondheim.

After the overture, we have the big opening number. There's me, Specs, the resident bookworm, sitting all by himself in a corner, while Dutchy dances surrounded by boys and girls who are literally throwing themselves at him. There would be a big dance number, and then it would freeze, and Dutchy would come over to me, and embrace me, and kiss me with a passion that he reserved only for me.

And then the scene would change, and I would be all alone, singing my big solo number, where I reveal my hidden love for Dutchy - as if the audience couldn't figure it out already, and how I would give anything should I only get the chance to be with him.

It would be this big strong power ballad, along the lines of The Wizard and I or Role of A Lifetime. Fuck, I listen to way too many pop ballad musicals. I sound like one of the idiots who posts on Broadway that omgcatsistehawesome!!!1

A day at school would happen next... the same day that I've repeated all throughout my life. My one good friend would be there, and we would sing a song about how we hate this school, and we want something special. There would probably be a comedic number about us being picked on, although I've never understood how people could find things like that funny. I never did. Wonder why.

Then, for some reason, I would be thrust together with Dutchy. Heh. Thrust. That actually comes later, and not really in the musical. I do want it to be accessible on the stage, and not just play in some crappy little off Broadway theater... even if most of the best shows only play off Broadway. And I certainly don't want to be...

Oh God, if I get on that rant, I'll never stop.

Then A Miracle Would Happen (Oh, Last Five Years references, why must you keep sneaking in?) and we would be together, and there would be the giant passionate kiss of doom, and we would sing a point counterpoint duet, and our love would be oh so true.

When the curtain came back up... that is, if we were even in a theater that still had a curtain, time would have passed, and our love would continue to be secret. God, seriously, our lives really did resemble some sort of musical comedy/drama. Except with less emphasis on the comedy part. Dutchy told me how much he loved me, and then leaves me. For a fucking girl.

I've never really understood that one. My fault for dating someone who is both bi and a slut, I guess.

So, the show is ending, and I sing my big eleven o'clock number, about how I don't need him, and how I'm perfectly fine all on my own, which is pure and utter bullshit, because I only feel complete when I'm with him...

But it doesn't matter anyway, because there's Dutchy waiting for me at the end.

And the best part of any musical comedy is always the finale, short, sweet and ending on a happy note.

Which is, I'm glad to say, exactly where Dutchy and I are now.