Secret Slash for the Holidays, 2005

We are currently missing the fics for Charlie Bird, Sinhe, and Thumbsucker Snitch. As soon as they are complete, they'll be posted here. In the mean time, please enjoy these, have a happy new year, and don't forget to comment on the thread in the forums!

Snow Cone Machine
For Braids, by Flying Monkey

Of Cafes and Carolers
For Flying Monkey, by The Second Batgirl

Most Wonderful Time of the Year
For The Second Batgirl, by Shimmerwings

A Jacobs Family Hannukah
For Shimmerwings, by Harmony

In the Spirit
For Harmony, by Charlie Bird

And Also It Was Christmas
For Charlie Bird, by Poison Ivory

For Poison Ivory, by Entropic Order

Cold Snap
For Entropic Order, by B

The Light Fiasco
For B, by Braids

Long Lines
For Oxymoronic Alliteration, by Hotshot

For Hotshot, by Sinhe

Purely You
For Alexandra Paige, by Lute

For Sketchwrites, by Soaker

For Soaker, by Signpost

Liquid Courage
For Signpost, by Oxymoronic Alliteration

A Long Winter Walk
For Citrus Peach, by Shadowlands

A Long Walk Home on a Snow Evening
For Shadowlands, by Citrus Peach