A Cold Winter Walk

My boyfriend and I are different in a lot of ways. Skittery is done his Christmas shopping already. All the gifts he bought are wrapped and ready to be opened, and knowing him loved and admired because Skittery always gives the best presents.

On the other hand, I'm sitting around at the cafe down the street from the mall, waiting for him to get off work so he can help me pick out presents for my family. Skittery said he would get off at five and come straight to meet me, but it is five thirty and he's not here yet.

The bad music on the radio is putting me to sleep and counter acting the coffee I'm drinking. If there is one thing worse then really light acoustic music played really low in a quiet room, it's really light acoustic renditions of carols played low in a quiet room.

The girl behind the counter had gone into the back room, probably to escape the music or something, so I was alone. As I'm looking around, I sort of noticed that there is nothing more depressing than an empty coffee shop.

Finally, after what seems like hours, Skittery walks in from the snow and wind. "Hey Snitch, sorry I'm late, it's just that we had a bit of trouble at the gift wrapping desk." He grins at me and I forgive him for leaving me in this creepy coffee shop. Damn him for being so forgivable.

"So what happened at the gift wrapping station? Did the old ladies go on a homicidal rampage or something?"

Skittery runs a hand through his emo hair. His ridiculous emo hair that somehow looks good. "Actually some lady started bitching at me for not curling a ribbon properly. How do you curl a ribbon wrong? Was there an assembly about proper ribbon curling that I missed?"

I laugh. He grins and sits next to me. "Are we the only ones here?"

"Yeah," I tell him. "The music scared everyone else away." He picks up my coffee cup and sniffs at it.

"Figures. What is this?"

I tell him that it was coffee. "Ew. Buy me a latte."

"But Skitts, you promised to help me pick out presents and the mall closes in four hours," I remind him. I know it's going to take me that long (and then some!) to pick out presents. I'm so bad at it.

"Buy me a latte and I'll have lots of energy to buy stuff with your money." I could not argue with his logic. The coffee girl comes back and I buy Skittery his wimpy gingerbread latte.

I pick up my sweet ass black pea coat and button up against the cold that awaits us outside. Skittery hides in his plaid scarf and fingerless gloves which he claims are cool but I think are a waste of time. I mean, your gloves may as well not have any thumbs. It's all a conspiracy, I say.

Outside is freezing cold and the wind whips snow into our faces. Skittery clutches his hot latte to his face to keep warm. I am left to put my head down against the wind (why must we be walking into the wind?) and try to see where I'm going without looking away from my boots. I wish I had a face-hat, or face-mitts.

...The cold seeps into my brain and makes me think things like that, honest! I don't even know what a face-hat is.

"Bwa, cold. C'mon Snitch, we have to get to the mall before we freeze. Thank goodness it's only two blocks."

Sure, two blocks, he says. Two blocks might be nothing when you're wrapped up in a fleecy scarf and nerdy gloves and hot caffeinated beverage, but I am freezing my extremities off out here!

"Aw, come here, you under-dressed fool. You know Toronto winters are the suckiest and yet you think you can get away with just a hat and coat." Skittery takes my hand, pulls me closer, and wraps his arm around my shoulders. His warmth radiates out of his side, right into me. Mmm, warm boyfriend.

Finally, after hours, possibly days, of hiding my face in Skittery's coat (damn, doe she know it smells like him?) he pokes me and tells me we made it to the mall alive.

I realize that I don't want to go in. Sure, it was a long cold walk, but you can't beat the company.