Of Cafes and Carolers

Skittery hated Christmas. He hated everything about the season. And unfortunately right now he was stuck remembering just what it was that he hated about it. A group of carolers stood outside the diner that Skittery usually frequented with his boyfriend for a late night snack after they both got off work at their abysmal minimum wage jobs. He hated carolers. Carolers were all about spreading the good cheer, but all they did was remind him that he was broke, and thus had no money at all to spend on presents.

And this was the first year he actually really wanted to spend money on someone. He'd spent so long just going through days simply existing, but now that he finally had a reason for living, finally had a reason to celebrate it was going to have to be a very lean holiday due to well, economics.

Money sucked. Especially when you didn't have any.

Actually, that was the only time when money sucked.

To add to his bad mood, he was stuck waiting outside of the cafe in the snow, listening to people singing about how they wish him a merry Christmas when they don't even know him at all and if they did they probably wouldn't like him or his sexual preferences anyway, and Snitch was twenty minutes late.

He debated just going into the cafe, but then he would just get weird looks from people, and it wasn't that bad waiting.

Skittery turned up his coat collar and tried to get closer under the awning, but that had the unfortunate side effect of also making him have to listen to the stupid carolers.

He rolled up his sleeve and glanced at his watch. Snitch was now twenty three minutes late. He was starting to get worried. That wasn't like Snitch. He was late, but never more than ten minutes or so. Skittery knew to expect that by now, after all, he was the one with the obsession with being places on time.

His face lit up when he saw a familiar figure running towards him, weaving precariously around people who were walking down the rather busy street at this late hour. Even at this distance he could see that Snitch's face was flushed, but Skittery couldn't tell whether it was from the exertion of running or because he was glad to see him. He hoped that it was the latter.

Snitch finally came to a halt right in front of Skittery.

"I'mreallysorryIgotcaughtupwithsomething," Snitch said all in one giant breath, and Skittery had to think about it for a second before he understood what Snitch had said to him.

"Oh, okay," Skittery was sulking inwardly. He didn't know what Snitch thought was so much more important than he was. "Let's go in."

"Skitts... aren't you going to open it?"

Skittery looked at Snitch, and then down to the tiny box that Snitch was holding out. He reached for it, and took off the cover.

Nestled inside the box was a piece of circular plastic, a crappy ring that probably came from a gumball machine.

"Do you like your ring?" Snitch said eagerly. "It's the best that I could find."

Skittery looked at the ring, and then up at his boyfriend, and he smiled.

"It's perfect," he answered, and he leaned in and kissed Snitch. Suddenly nothing was bothering him anymore. The carolers, the snow... it was all just perfect.

Suddenly Skittery didn't hate the Christmas season anymore.