Dutchy sighed and pushed his hair out of his face. Fucking Christmas traffic, fucking snow, fucking delayed flights. He'd wanted to have Christmas with his family, see his sister, be out of the airport. But no, here he was, still stuck in Chicago, which was supposed to be his layover, far, far away from New York City. He slouched farther into the seat and groaned. Nice way to start his Christmas Break, really.

"You okay there, dude?" Dutchy opened his eyes, looking over towards the voice to his left. There was a kid sitting next to him, well not kid, more like college student. His glasses sat on the edge of his rather pointy nose, curly brown hair peeking out from under his backwards baseball hat. He was lounging a few seats down, looking extremely comfortable, which was out of place in the overcrowded terminal.

"Just lamenting a Christmas spent in the Chicago Airport. Not ideal conditions, really." Dutchy smiled at him, seeing no reason not to be friendly. He was a cute guy, and just because Dutchy'd rather be home didn't mean he should take it out on some random person. Some random cute person.

"Whatever happens, happens, y'know? No need to stress out, this is just another thing to add to the story books, I guess."

"Wow, you're surprisingly Zen about all this."

"What can I say; I'm a pretty easygoing guy."

"Yeah, I can tell."

Just then, the attendant came on the loudspeaker, telling them that they regretfully, would have to keep all the planes grounded, due to the large snowstorm passing through. She apologized, and Dutchy noticed that she seemed to really mean it, and he felt bad for her, working all of Christmas Eve. He wondered how her family felt, if she had any to go back to at night.

"The airline will help you all get rooms for the night, we're sorry for the inconvenience, we know you all want t get back to your families." She smiled her Attendant Smile, and Dutchy turned the guy.

"Looks like we got some time. Want to get something to eat? I'm Alex, by the way. Call me Dutchy, fancy unexplainable nickname. I don't even know how to begin explaining." The guy looked pleasantly surprised.

"Sure, sounds good to me. I'm Simon, but only my folks ever call me that. I've been Specs since fifth grade, and for obvious reasons."

"Specs it is then." Dutchy grinned and they both stood, grabbed their luggage and were off in search of food.

The selection was, understandably, limited, but they managed to find a non-takeout place in the airport itself, neither wanting to stray too far. They had a seat, sharing the dining room with an old couple who were arguing rather loudly, a few families with small children, and one young couple, feeding each other their food.

"Where you headed, anyway?" Dutchy asked, looking up from the menu, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

"Oh, New York. The parentals live there, just outside the city. Mount Vernon, you heard of it?" Specs raised his eyebrows and put down his menu.

"Sure, had a boyfriend from there once. Nice place."

"Yeah, small houses though. So, you're gay?"

"Oh, uh. Yeah, sorry. Been out for awhile, haven't ever had a problem. Do you mind?" Dutchy hoped he didn't -- wouldn't be nice to get punched out right before he get home. His mom would be worried. He'd have to make something up.

"Oh, no. I'm a part of that global club myself." And he did have an interesting way with words. "So, obviously, I don't have a problem. Nor a boyfriend. Where're you from?"

"Oh, my parents live in Manhattan. My sister's in school there too, NYU, still lives at home, the bum. That's where I'm heading." Dutchy was confused, a little, by how much he already liked Specs, as a person. He wasn't one to judge people that quickly, and he wondered where this could be heading.

You couldn't really become friends with someone you'd met in an airport, could you? Even if you were startlingly attracted to them. Even if you seemed to take to each other right away.

On a whim, though, at the end of dinner Dutchy game Specs his cell number, smiling sheepishly, telling him they should have lunch in the city. Just in case. They were going to the same place, right? It was possible. Everything was possible.


Dutchy had been home a few days, his family happy to see him, even if his was late for Christmas. Not that he'd though they'd be mad. He couldn't control the weather.

He woke up to the sound of his cell phone ringing, some highly obnoxious theme song his suitemates at school had forced on him. He blinked blearily fumbled around on the beside table, finally finding his phone. Unknown caller, unknown number. What the fuck ever. He put it down and went to go back to sleep, only to be disturbed four minutes later when it started to ring again. What the fuck? Fine, fine.

"Hello?" He said, voice gravelly and full of sleep.

"Hey, Dutchy?"

"Uh... Yeah?" He didn't recognize the voice, but that didn't mean anything. He probably wouldn't recognize his sister's voice at (he looked at the clock) 11:34 in the morning.

"It's Specs. I was wondering if I could take you up on that lunch offer, y'know, airport, last week?"

"Oh! Hi! I remember. Sorry, I just woke up. Sure, lunch sounds great."

Dutchy grinned into his phone. So maybe this would go somewhere. He almost wanted to do a victory dance.

"1:00, sounds great. It's a date." Dutchy hung up the phone, wondering if his smile would split his face in half.

And it was. And Dutchy did get up, only wearing his pajama bottoms, on do a victory dance on the floor of his bedroom.