A Long Walk Home on a Snowy Evening

It was a dark and stormy night, and Skittery and Dutchy were walking back to Dutchy's house from a performance of the Nutcracker. There were 23 blocks left before they arrived.



"It's cold,"

"I know, Dutchy. It's winter."

It really was cold. Snow was falling, the wind was blowing, and the rain from the day before had turned the sidewalks to ice.



"It's really cold."

"Yes, Dutchy. No shit."

"But it's coold!"

The wind changed direction, and the snow that had been at their backs began to blow in their faces. Dutchy took his hands only long enough to zip his coat up all the way and readjust his hood. They walked in silence for a few minutes before, "Skittery?"


"...Can I have your scarf?"

"NO! It's cold! And anyway, it's your fault were walking."

"How so? You were the one who spent half our cab money on the program and the rest on that stupid t-shirt!"

"Yeah, well, we could have gotten a ride home if you didn't insist on getting what's-his-face's autograph! 'Oh, he's so dreamy! Did you see him dance with Marie? I wish he was my prince! We have to get his autograph, Skitts! Can we just wait for five more minutes? Pleeease?' Peh."

Dutchy pouted.

"Well, he is dreamy, okay? ...Shut up."

A car drove by and showered Dutchy with a wall of slush and Dutchy slipped on the ice, falling down. Skittery was about to laugh, but Dutchy looked a bit murderous Dutchy brushed some slush off his coat as he stood up.



"Here." Skittery handed Dutchy his scarf. Dutchy smiled.


They walked for another two blocks in silence until Skittery had enough of it.



"So, how'd you like the ballet?"

"It was... dancey. I really don't see why you find it so fascinating."

"You got quite into it though, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah, if you call staring at the prince's crotch for an hour 'getting into it.'"

"Peh. Thanks, really."

Dutchy realized that talking about staring at other boys probably wasn't the best thing to say around his pouty boyfriend, and decided to try to remedy the situation.

"Well, I'd be staring at your crotch for an hour too if you were up on stage dancing around in a pair of tigh -- OOF!"

Dutchy jumped out of the way and into a snow bank as a bicycle rushed through the space where he had just been. Skittery did laugh this time.

"Aww, you look so cute!" He stopped as he saw that Dutchy was trying not to cry. "...And miserable. I'm sorry."

Skittery held his hand out to Dutchy, pulling him up into a hug.

"Skittery, why does everything always happen to me? First that car, now this... and it's cold! I'm freezing, and me feet feel like they're going to fall off, and my ears are full of snow and --"

"Dutchy, shut up."

"No! I'm cold and wet and tired and --"

Skittery stopped, grabbed Dutchy, and kissed him.

Dutchy shut up.

They walked for the rest of the way home holding hands, despite the cold. When they finally arrived at Dutchy's house, they quickly got out of their soaking clothes and into some pajamas. The last thing said before they both fell asleep was,



"I love you."