Finally, the day that David had been waiting for all year long, Christmas Eve. Being the only Jewish guy in his fraternity, he gave in every year, and celebrated Christmas. This being only his third celebrated Christmas, David was excited, but still a little scared. Last year he had gotten 15 pairs of socks from his fraternity brothers, and he was a little afraid of getting more. There wasn't the problem of getting fifteen pairs, as he had regulated a secret santa exchange, but he still didn't want socks. He quietly went to search the presents under the makeshift Christmas tree for the package with his own name.

"Um, Davey, what are you doing?"

"Blink! What are you doing here? I thought everyone had a date tonight." Jumping back from the three foot tall oak sapling, he tried to change the subject, acting like he hadn't been caught. One of the agreements for the secret santa was that no one would look at the presents till Christmas morning.

"Nah, I've been in the kitchen, whipping up my famous Christmas specialty." Blink, named for the patch over his right eye, which hadn't worked since he was born, looked proud, as usually his cooking skills were minimal.

"Blinky, it's just Chex mix."

"But its home made, Chex mix, Davey. That takes skills."


"Why aren't you on a date, Davey?"

The dreaded question, David started to feel a little panicked. How could he let Blink know the truth? Sure, not everyone in the fraternity was straight, none of the other guys really cared, but none of the guys admittedly liked each other. It was like an unwritten rule, only date outside the fraternity. How could he admit who he really liked?

"Um, the um, guy I like may like girls, makes it a little difficult to flirt."

"Davey, when have you ever flirted? I mean, I've known you for three years, and I've never seen you date any guy, or any girl either. It is nice to finally know your sexual preference."

"Er...um, so...why did you buy an oak again?"

"They were out of Christmas trees, what was I supposed to do?"

"Go somewhere else?"

"Why, you know Earl's is the only place in town to buy Mistletoe."

"Great reasoning, Blink. Just great. Go check your mix, it might burn." As Kid Blink ran back to the kitchen to check the oven, David snuck out the back door. He always felt more than a little self conscious with Blink in the room, and talking about his sexual preferences was a little more than he could handle.

The next morning, David was jolted awake when Blink jumped into bed with him. He mumbled incoherently and tried to pull the covers back over his head.

"Wake up Davey, it's Christmas!"

"Tell the others, I'm Jewish. I should be able to sleep in. I don't need to go to church with you all. Wake me up after." David was still mumbling, but now Blink could understand him.

"But Davey, we wanted to open Christmas presents before mass. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" By this point, Blink was bouncing on David's bed.

"Fine, fine." Sighing, David started to get out of bed, and tottered towards the doorway, but not before stopping to put on some socks. David was just about to leave the room, when Blink grabbed his hand to stop him. "I thought you were in a rush. Let me go."

"I was in a rush, but now I'm not." David only had a second to be confused before Blink had pulled him into a kiss. It was soft and sweet, and over all too soon. Blink looked up, smiled, and walked away, yelling "Merry Christmas" over his shoulder. David smiled, after a kiss like that, there was no way anything could ruin his day, not even another pair of socks. Blink had definitely given him a gift he'd remember for years.