Secret Slash for the Holidays, 2006

A Not So Tragic Christmas
For Donna79, by Sev-Chan

For Racetothetrack, by Studentnumber24601

Five Christmas Tips
For Mx., by Buttons

For Sucharagdoll, by Urmyfavorite

Leg Injuries and Christmas Chill
For Studentnumber24601, by Sucharagdoll

For Urmyfavorite, by Donna79

For TheSecondBatgirl, by Racetothetrack

Product of a Broken Home
For Stage, by Cards

Tis the Gift
For Sev-Chan, by TheSecondBatgirl

Peppermint & Mistletoe
For DeeSarrachi, by Stage

'Tis the Season
For Cards, by DeeSarrachi

The Reindeer
For Buttons, by Hotshot

First Snow
For Hotshot, by Hobbitgwen

'Tween pavement and stars
For Hobbitgwen, by Mx.