Product of a Broken Home

Dutchy was a product of a broken home. It said so on his shirt.

"Did you have to wear that?" Specs asked, hanging his head slightly.

"It was clean. And I didn't get to go home to use the free laundry."

"You planned this."

"Look, Its not like I wore a shirt that says 'I fuck your son every morning before we go to class.'" He pointed out proudly.

"Why is it that I actually feel the need to thank you for that?"

Specs had not planned on this. When he had invited his boyfriend of two years to come home with him for Hanukah he'd expected a bit less reluctance. Actually he'd hoped that Dutchy would enjoy being in a house where the holidays, even if it wasn't Dutchy's holiday, were being celebrated with out a court battle and a divorce lawyer.

Specs sighed as they stood at the train station waiting for his parents to come pick him up.

"They do know I'm your boyfriend right?"

"For the hundredth time yes."

"They aren't gunna like try and convert me?"

"My parents don't care that you aren't Jewish."

"What if I don't like latkahs?"

"Dutch, now you're just being stupid. There are jelly doughnuts too."


"You're already here. It would be a little late to decide if you want to come."

"Your parents own a minivan?"

"Is this how you're gunna be all week?"


Specs' parents stepped out of their car, his mother running over and hugging him.

"Edward! You look so good! How was the semester?"

"It was great mom" Specs said blushing lightly.

Dutchy stood back, unsure what he should say.

"Edward, how were the exams?" His father asked, picking up the two suitcases.

"I can get mine" Dutchy mumbled.

In fact, Dutchy mumbled throughout the entire ride to Specs' house. He mumbled through the introductions to Spec's two sisters, one older one younger. He even mumbled noncommittally to the fact that Specs' parents trusted them enough to have them share a room.

In that room Specs debated screaming at his boyfriend. He'd expected Dutchy to be sarcastic. Even rude, but not anything like this.

"Look, we're gunna go downstairs, eat, and light the candles, can you at least be nice?"

"I'm being nice."

"Um, you haven't said more then two words to me or them since they picked us up."

Dutchy stood up. "Your brother in law is coming."

"He always comes."

"You have a nephew on the way."

"I told you about Rachel's pregnancy when I found out."

"I know."

"What is going on?"

"I think I love you" Dutchy said,


"I mean you're the first boy I've ever slept with. How can I love you?"

"You've been moody for two months because of that!" Specs snapped.


"You jumped down my throat, acted like my family was the plauge because you love me!"

"This wasn't how I was expecting you to react."

"You are one dumb fool." Specs said laughing.

"What?" Dutchy looked up at him.

"I knew."


"You, are beginning to sound like a parrot"


Specs laughed, walking over to his boyfriend, lover.

"I know you love me. Why do you think I put up with you." He smiled, kissing him.

"You're family is too perfect"

"Wait till we all have to sit and talk." Specs laughed "my grades aren't nearly as good after they compare me to my sister, my younger sister will start talking about how antiquated the whole holiday is."

"I wasn't jokeing with the divorce lawyers thing!" Dutchy said, "they had to have lawyers each year, reworking the whole arrangement. I had to celebrate every holiday twice! Just the fact that you don't have lawyers present makes this pretty picturesque."

"Dutchy" Specs sighed. "I love you. I'm gunna put up with your bull shit for a long long time. I'll go to therepy with you so we can get over this. But I love you."

"But, your family... I'll just fuck it up."

"We aren't perfect. We just love each other. And they want to love you too. Just let them, lover." Specs said smiling.