Secret Slash for the Holidays 2007

Cold Hands
For DeeSarrachi, from OxymoronicAlliteration

For cymbalism, from keza

Christmas in Killarney
For TheSecondBatgirl, from cymbalism

Warm the Heart
For dieforNewsies, from TheSecondBatgirl

For Lielabell, from Falco Conlon

Better Than Christmas
For studentnumber24601, from Lielabell

Of Ego and Eggnog
For Shade, from studentnumber24601

Let It Snow
For keza, from Shade

Snowed In On Christmas Eve
For hobbitgwen, from Braids

Braving Reindeer
For OxymoronicAlliteration, from hilby

On this very Christmas night
For Falco Conlon, from dieforNewsies

What Friends are For
For Dfly, from DeeSarrachi

Then Take Care of Him
For Braids, from hobbitgwen