Snowed In On Christmas Eve

When David Jacobs woke up on Christmas Eve, New York City was already covered with a blanket of snow, and more was on its way. As soon as he looked out his window, David immediately started flipping out, much to the dismay of his bedmate, Jack Kelly.

"No, no, no, no, NO! It canít be snowing now! I have so much to get done! Last minute shopping, decorating, baking the cookies for dinner tomorrow... Snow just complicates everything!" David grumbled while pacing the floor of the Midtown apartment the two shared. "Jack, this canít be happening!"

Jack Kelly sleepily sat up in bed, annoyed at Davidís behavior. "Davey, calm down. Itís only..." Jack glanced at the clock, his eyes widening, "eight oíclock? Davey, you mean to tell me you woke me up on this early on one of my days off? Are you kidding me?"

"Jack, itís Christmas Eve. And I still need to get presents for my parents. And itís a freakiní blizzard outside. Why did I leave the most important present for last minute?" David stopped his pacing for a few seconds to look out his window for the millionth time since he got out of bed. "Oh no, itís coming down even harder now! Iím never going to be able to get to the store!"

Jackís response to Davidís panicking was to simply throw a pillow at him. "Davey, if you are so worried about getting caught in the storm, stop your pacing, get dressed, and go now before it gets worse. And if you arenít going to go, then come back to bed with me," Jack suggested, patting the spot on the bed next to him.

David turned around, with a look of realization on his face. "I just had a great idea, thanks Jack... Iím going to go now before the storm gets worse!" With that, he began scurrying around the room, bundling himself up to confront the storm. Jack simply rolled his eyes, and lay back down under the covers.

Just as David was buttoning his coat, the power went out. This sent David into yet another panic.

"Shoot! Thatís just one more thing to add to my list of bad Christmas Eve omens. First snow, and then a power outage. Whatís next?" David rambled on, while Jack peeked out from behind the covers, watching with amusement as to what his partnerís next move would be. "Iím heading out now, Jack. Stay warm!" And with that, he left the apartment.

Only to return a few minutes later, more complaints on his lips. "The elevatorís not working. And I am not walking down ten flights of steps. What am I going to do now, Jack? Not only will I show up at my parentís house tomorrow with no gifts for them, but we will probably freeze to death tonight if our heat doesnít come on again!"

Jack simply smirked at Davidís last comment. "I know one way we can keep warm."

David was not in any mood for any of Jackís responses, and glared at him, not catching any of Jackís not-so-subtle advances. "Oh yeah, and what is that?"

Jack reached out and grabbed his boyfriendís arm, pulling him into bed. "Iíll give you three guesses, and the first two donít count,"

"But...but...I have so much to do! I canít spend the entire day in bed, everything will be-" Jack cut his rambling off with a kiss, and David basically melted under his touch. "Oh, screw it," Davey muttered, kicking off his snow boots, climbing into bed next to his lover. "Merry Christmas Eve, Jack."