Let It Snow

Of all the things he hated about Christmas, Sean thought eggnog was the hands down worst. It wasnít just the sickly sweet taste either. There was something about the thought of drinking down raw eggs that made his stomach turn. He vastly preferred a beer to rum anyways and despite his flat refusal to partake in the seasonal drink of choice Sean found that he hadnít entirely hated Sarah and Jackís Christmas party.

It was their first as an official, living together couple, Sarah had reminded him with a bright smile that heíd found rather infectious after his third beer.

His fourth beer had burned the edges of his words when he spoke, his voice as warm and blurred as his head felt and that was right about the time Sean deemed it time to head back to his own dorm and actually get a few hours of sleep before he had to be up again.

It was snowing again as he stood on the front steps of the building, doing up the last of the buttons on his heavy jacket. The city was blanketed under the muffling layer of white, blocking out the sounds of life in the city and, just this side of drunk Spot could admit that the city was beautiful in that moment.

The door opened behind him and the roar of noise from the party surrounded him for a moment. Sean glanced back over his shoulder and met the shorter manís easy smile. There was a moment where is seemed as if Anthony was going to say something but his smile just widened, becoming a bright flash of teeth as snow caught and hung in his dark hair and the sweep of his eyelashes.

"Leaving already?" Sean asked, one eyebrow lifting as he tucked his hands into his pockets. His gloves were still sitting forgotten and forlorn on the edge of his desk back in his dorm.

"I saw you going and figured we might as well leave together," Anthony offered, his words sliding against each other and his cheeks flushed with the color that came from drinking too much. Sean grinned, just a sly twist of his lips to hint at his amusement, "make sure you get home and all."

"Afraid youíd get lost, then," Sean nodded sagely, the snow crunching under the weight of his boots as he stepped off the stairs. It wasnít so much that he wanted to bicker with Anthony; it was just that picking on him came so very naturally to Sean, "lightweight."

"Alcoholic," Sean could hear the smirk in Tonyís voice and he turned to toss a retort back at him, probably something about being short but he caught a face full of powdery snow. It was cold, each flake momentarily lingering on his skin before melting.

Anthonyís laugh was full and round, thrillingly warm in the cool of the night air. It wasnít the time to think about that however. Sean bent and scooped a handful of snow into his bare hands, packing it tightly. To his credit Tony did make some attempt to escape it but the snow ball exploded brilliantly against his neck, sending icy powder under the collar of his jacket.

"Oh, itís on," Anthony promised, dark eyes bright with something that wasnít the rum. For his part, Sean just raised an elegant eyebrow, "itís on like Donkey Kong."

They were standing quite close still, powdery snow dusting Anthonyís dark curls. When Tony made an attempt to twist way from a handful of snow his shoe slid against a patch of ice and the surprise of it mixed with one two many glasses of spiked eggnog and his feet slipped out from under him. One hand curled in the front of Seanís jacket and both men spilled back into the snow bank.

Sean could feel the snow start to soak through the knees of his jeans where he was propped over Anthony, his forearms braced on the cold ground. Beneath him Tony was wide eyed, the breath knocked out of him by the combined force of Seanís weight and the sudden fall. Their breath, coming equally heavy, fogged in the air, rising white between them. From this close Sean could make out every one of Anthonyís eye lashes and the white hint of a scar high on his temple. Tonyís lips were chapped with the cold weather and there was a flush in his cheeks. Whether the flush was due to the cold or excitement Sean wasnít quite sure.

Afterwards he could never remember if he had leaned down or if Tony had arched up. All he did remember for sure was that somewhere between the tug of Anthonyís hands in his hair and the insistent press of his mouth eggnog wasnít such an awful taste after all. The lingering sweetness of the drink that lingered on Tonyís lips and tongue didnít seem nearly as hateful as the drink had on its own.

"Christ," Tony pushed him up with one hand flat against his chest, his mouth curving into a smug smile that Sean found intolerably endearing "get the hell off me, skinny butt, youíre boney."

"Damn right I am," Sean mumbled but the words were lost against the slide of Tonyís mouth. Anthonyís laugh was full and round, thrillingly warm in the cool of the night air.