Secret Slash for the Holidays 2008

Welcome, 1900
for studentnumber24601, from Lielabell

And Carrots
for sampler, from studentnumber24601

The First Christmas
for PolyesterRage, from sampler

And the Suit Is Dry-Clean Only
for mosephy, from PolyesterRage

A Wonderful, Awful Idea
for Toxin, from mosephy

for OxymoronicAlliteration, from Toxin

The Christmas Cookie Catastrophe
for Across the Stars, from OxymoronicAlitteration

A Spoonful of Sugar
for Quin Firefrorefiddle, from Across the Stars

Stuck in the Airport with You
for TheSecondBatgirl, from Quin Firefrorefiddle

The Snowball
for Miniola, from TheSecondBatgirl

Parade Waltz
for IrishEyes, from Miniola

Just a Touch of Holiday Cheer
for cymbalism, from IrishEyes

for Lielabell, from cymbalism