New Years Slash Exchange 2009/2010

for Falco, from TheSecondBatgirl

Walking in a Winter Wonderland
for TheSecondBatgirl, from PolyesterRage

Metaphorical Fireworks
for PolyesterRage, from Cymbalism

Warmly Through the Window
for Cymbalism, from Studentnumber24601

Hand in Hand
for Studentnumber24601, from Lielabell

A Different Kind of Dance
for Lielabell, from Irish Eyes

Merry Schnappsmas
for Irish Eyes, from Falco

Santa Claus and Snowball Fights
for Shade, from Blue Jay

Everyone in Christmas Town Knows
for Blue Jay, from Sev-Chan

for Sev-Chan, from Quill

So This Is Christmas
for Quill, from Shade

Christmas Turkey Blues
for JediNewsie, from Mosephy

Warm Woolen New Year
for Mosephy, from Z4Jsolo

Casualties of War
for Z4JSolo, from JediNewsie