"Skitts! Skitts! He's here! What am I gonna do? What if he doesn't like me?" The blonde boy in the corner of the room shook his friend's shoulder, looking half excited, half nervous.

"Oh, honestly Blink," Skittery replied, "Either shut up and calm down, or cheer up and have some of these." Skittery held out a box of marshmallow peeps for his friend. Blink took the box, and ate a peep.

"Man, I love those things." Blink looked up in surprise, only to see that it was just Skittery's boyfriend.

"Hey Snitch," Skittery murmured, scooting over on the couch so his boyfriend could sit down. Blink rolled his eye and ate another peep, looking back across the room at the boy he was in love with.

Most people would have told Blink that he had a crush, and it wasn't real love. Blink knew better. He'd only ever felt this way about someone once before. Even that hadn't been the way he'd really felt. No, Blink was sure he was really, truly, in love. He absently ate another peep as he watched the other boy, who was standing with a whole bunch of the more outgoing members of the group. He seemed happy, though a little uncomfortable. Blink knew why; he wasn't the most outgoing of people, though he did talk an awful lot.

'I wish he'd talk to me,' Blink thought absently, before he realized the boy was looking in his direction. 'He's looking at me! Is he looking at me? What if he is? Oh my gosh!' Blink looked away. "Skitts!" he hissed.

Skittery sighed, and turned away from Snitch. "Oh, honestly, Blink. Just go talk to him."

"With them all there? What if he rejects me? They'll laugh."

Snitch spoke up. "Look, Blink, he knows who you are, right? You two are friends, and, well, he's not the type to just try to humiliate someone in front of everyone. Besides, I think he likes you, too."

"You could just go ask to talk to him somewhere alone. It's not like we're heading out on the late St. Patrick's day Pub crawl anytime really soon."

Blink sighed, and turned back the bag of peeps, but Skittery stole it away. "You've had enough. Any more, and you'll go on a sugar-high and embarrass yourself. No, go talk to him."

Blink sighed, then left Skittery and Snitch alone. He felt silly as he walked toward the group, as if they'd all stare at him like he was an alien or something. He was careful not to look at his crush until he was actually standing next to him. Then he had to look.

'He's looking back. And smiling. I love his smile. Snap out of it, Blink! He's talking to you!'

"Hi, Blink. Having fun?"

'No. I can't stop thinking about jumping on you and dragging you away. I love you! Do you understand? I love you!'

Blink shrugged. "It's alright. Snitch and Skitts seemed to require more privacy, though."

The other boy chuckled. Blink couldn't help but think that it was the cutest chuckle ever. He hoped he wasn't blushing. Blink kind of zoned out of the conversation with the group, then remembered why he'd actually walked across the room.

'Ok, Blink. You've said one sentence to him. Now, don't you want to say more? Remember, you came over to talk to him.'

Blink really hoped he wasn't blushing now. He needed to do this, though he'd really prefer not to do it in public. He opened his mouth to speak, but his crush started talking again.

"Uh, Blink, I want to talk to you somewhere. Alone."

'Did he just ask me to go talk to him? Oh my gosh. I'll bet I'm looking like a complete idiot. Ok, Blink. Smile. Reply.'

"Uh, sure."

The other boy smiled awkwardly, then he and Blink left the group, and went outside.

"Look, Blink, well, I... I'm not sure how you're going to react to this, but... I... I really like you, Blink. I, well... it's ok if you don't like me, of course, but, well..."

Blink stared.

"Oh, my. I've shocked you. I'm sorry." He turned to go back inside, but Blink stopped him.

"Wait! Don't go. It's just a bit of a surprise. I... I like you, too. Man, I was so nervous tonight. I just..." Blink cut off, not sure exactly what to say. He was elated. All the time, worrying about what the reaction would be, and his feelings were reciprocated.

They both stared at each other for a few seconds before it happened. Blink wasn't sure whether he'd started it or not, but suddenly they were kissing. It was just a short kiss, but it sent chills of energy down Blink's spine.

"Blink, I was wrong when I said I like you a lot. I love you."

Blink smiled. This was the best annual late St. Patrick's Day celebration he'd ever been to. "I love you too, Davey," he whispered, and pulled him in for another kiss. This was a longer, deeper kiss, and Blink, if he hadn't been on cloud 9 before, definitely was now. This was better than peeps were. Much, much better. David broke it off.

"So... do you want to go back inside?" He asked, awkwardly.

"Inside... to your part of the group?"

"We don't have to go in, if you don't want to. The pub crawl part of this late St. Patrick's day celebration will be starting soon enough."

Blink paused before making his decision. "I'd really rather go back in, and tell everyone, rather than have everyone come outside and figure it out themselves."

David nodded, and squeezed Blink's hand. They both walked back inside, hand in hand. Blink really didn't mind the reaction, or the chatter following. He was with David. He didn't want to seem to have deserted his two closest friends for his boyfriend, though. He looked back at the couch, and saw that Skittery and Snitch were too intent on each other to notice anyone else. As everyone was leaving for the pub crawl, though, he caught Snitch's eye. Snitch winked, and ate a peep.