The Refuge archive is moderated for quality control. Stories are accepted and rejected at the discretion of the moderators.

There are basic guidelines for our standards below, but we reserve the right to reject fics which may meet our technical standards but we still do not consider to be well written. We generally try to give constructive criticism with any rejections, though we do not promise to. We do, however, promise not to discriminate against fics based on our own personal preferences about pairings.

When you submit a story, it will not show up automatically. Generally, a moderator will read and accept or reject it within a week, though due to life outside of fandom, that period may be longer. If a week has passed, you are welcome to contact us and ask about your fic's status.

Keep in mind that there is a bug in the Refuge's script that causes special characters (curly quotation marks/apostrophes, dashes, etc) to show up as random symbols. Please check your story to make sure all punctuation is showing up correctly before you sumbit!

If you are submitting a multi-chaptered fic, you may submit only one chapter at a time. We reserve the right to judge each chapter individually, meaning that the acceptance of a first chapter does not ensure the acceptance of all chapters.

Please read the guidelines below carefully.

For a story to be accepted at the Refuge archive, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. No exceptions.
  2. The story must be Newsies slash. Unrequited slash fics are also okay, so long as the slashiness is present in some way.
  3. Absolutely no incest.
  4. Stories must center around a canon character, not an OC. OCs are allowed in general, but please use them only as needed.
  5. Characterization must be recognizable and consistent.
  6. M-preg is frowned upon. You may submit it, but it will be held to higher standards than other types of fic.
  7. Please rate and add warnings to your story appropriately. We're fairly lenient about ratings, but explicit sex must be labeled RT.
  8. No shout-outs or Casting Calls, please. Authors can repond directly to reviews, and CCs may be posted in the forums. There is a box for ANs in the submission form that authors may use; ANs within the main story text are absolutely not allowed.
  9. We look down on review whoring. Don't do it. We reserve the right to remove review-whoring notes from otherwise acceptable fics.

Additional for Short Fiction

Short fiction is anything under 500 words; either drabbles (100 words) or ficlets (101-500 words), though we're not going to be doing word counts or anything. Ficlets follow the above guidelines. For drabbles:

  1. Each author may have one story of drabbles, and add new drabbles on as multiple chapters; if you really, badly want a drabble to have its own story, you may ask permission from any of the admins.
  2. Unlike other submissions, you may have up to five drabbles submitted and waiting to be validated at a time.

For an essay to be accepted, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. All Refuge standards of spelling, punctuation and grammar apply.
  2. Essays must have a clear thesis and title.
  3. Essays must be at least 500 words.
  4. Essays must be related to fandom and/or slash.
  5. Essays may cite stories as examples, but not stories by the writer (permission for other citations is preferable).
  6. Any essay with the clear intent to cause drama or put down others will be rejected.

There is no set format for essays, so long as they are well written and clear. Possible subjects include writing advice, character or pairing studies, and supportable opinions. Essays that are crossposted to other communities are acceptable.

We are not English teachers and this is for fun, however, we hold essays to the same high standards we hold fiction, and maintain our right to accept or reject, with or without explanation.