Stranded At The Drive-In

Tony hated movies.

Well, no, that wasn't exactly true. He loved movies. Good movies.

He hated summer blockbusters.

They were crappy and overpriced and concentrated far too much on special effects over plot and characterization, and while he liked watching things explode as much as the next guy, he couldn't care less about how big Jessica Alba's tits were on a giant screen.

Actually, he didn't care about Jessica Alba in general, but that was beside the point.

Except he found himself sitting in a car next to Sean Conlon, staring at them, when the movie should really be concentrating on Johnny Storm's ass instead.

And honestly, he had no idea why he was even with Sean.

It wasn't like they were friends.

But he had run into Sean at the mall, and Sean had mentioned that people were going to see Fantastic Four 2 and that Tony should come, and because Tony had only had a crush on Sean since forever he had decided to take him up on it.

Except that ‘people' had turned out to actually mean ‘Sean and Tony in a car together eating really bad popcorn and making snarky comments about the movie.'

Okay, at least the last one made sense. And he could just ignore the popcorn.

But he didn't know exactly why he was sitting in a car with Sean.

Oh, another fight scene. Tony stifled a yawn.

Sean looked over at him, and Tony forced a smile.

"Why did you invite me?" he said finally.

Sean looked confused (not that it was much of a change) and said "You like movies."

"Well, yeah, but why did you invite me?"

Sean shrugged. "You seemed bored."

"It's summer vacation and everyone is bored," Tony pointed out. "That still doesn't explain why you invited me to a drive-in."

"They have a big screen."

"Riiiight," Tony drawled.

"And I thought..." Sean paused. "Look, I've got an awesome backseat. You want to make out?"

Tony took a moment to process that.


Tony suddenly had no problem with summer blockbusters that had no plots at all. At least he wasn't missing anything interesting.

After all, it wasn't like he'd been watching the movie anyway.