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The Refuge is a Newsies slash community, with an archive for stories a forum for community. It is free to sign up and participate.

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Our community caters to all ages, from children to adults, and has material rated accordingly.

To comply with US laws, you must be 13 to register at the Refuge and its forums. In order to read material rated S and RT, you must be of legal age in your state/country.

In order to ensure the archive is appropriate for younger members, swearing is not allowed in summaries or titles, and is, for the most part, filtered on the forums. Please make sure that all of your submissions are rated correctly. We do not enjoy changing or censoring other people's material, but reserve the right to do so if necessary.


Please behave maturely.

We do not tolerate drama, and blatant attempts to create it will be dealt with via disciplinary action (banning, requiring moderation on forum posts, etc). This includes flames.

We ask that everyone shows respect to their fellow community members. While debate and discussion is certainly encouraged, we do insist that it remain respectful.

Once again, we do not want to change or censor people's material, but reserve the right to do so if we feel it's necessary.

We are a friendly, happy community, and have had very few problems in the past. We love having new members and encourage everyone to participate in the forum discussions. Act like a human, you'll be treated like one.


We recommend you keep backup copies of all stories and reviews you have on the Refuge on your own computer. Though we are, for the most part, a pretty stable website, accidents happen, and we are not responsible for data loss. If you lose your only copy of a story, that is not our fault.

The forum has specific guidelines here.

This may have seemed like a lot, but it's not. We're a peaceful community. Enjoy yourself.