Guess I'm Just Lucky by Fan80
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Author's Notes:
This is my first attempt at something like this. I tried! I really did, I hope it's good... Oh and Glee isn't mine either, there will be more Glee References later.
David stared at his chicken, trying not to listen about his dad's current rant.

"I'm just saying, people like them shouldn't be allowed to marry," his dad went on.

The "them" which his dad was referring to was gay people. It was no surprise, he knew his father was extremely homophobic. Why they lived in New York then, he would never know.

It had started when his mother got a letter inviting her to her cousin and his partner's union. Unlike his father, his mom wasn't homophobic, she was indifferent. She loved her cousin and because she knew about her husband's ideas and was going to sneak out that day, but he found out and was now giving her a talk.

The reason David was trying, and failing, to ignore his dad was he himself was gay. He looked up and saw his sister give a sympathetic look to him. She, along with his three friends Mush, Blink, and Spot, were the only people that knew about his secret. The only reason she knew was because at the time he was confused about his sexuality, he had no friends(minus a few girls who clung to him, because he was a theatre geek. Thats where he met Mush and Blink. But crazy girls weren't his idea of friends.)

"Right, son," he heard his dad say.

"What?" David replied, being kicked out of his thoughts.

"The compromise, dear," he heard his mom say," I won't go but I'll send them a nice gift."

"Uh, yeah. I guess it's better than nothing."

After dinner he was laying on his bed and he heard a knock at his door. It was Sarah, she did even wait for a "Ok" to come in.

"Les, mom needs your help with the laundry," Sarah told their younger brother, who was reading in the corner.

"So, what's up? Wanna talk, I can tell you're upset," Sarah asked once they were alone.

"Just Dad, I will never be able to come out while I'm under his roof," David replied in a monotone voice

"I know it's not ideal, but come on life can't be as perfect as Glee, can it?" She said

Ah Glee, it gave him hope, seeing people like Kurt and Blaine. He watched it with Sarah every week. Also, being the band/theatre person he was, he loved the music. It broke him out of his shell, because of it, he was one of the more prominent characters in their school's musical.

"Anyway, I'm sure in a few years time when you're out of the house and living with some guy you truly love, living the dream on Broadway. And if dad doesn't like that, well screw him!" After she said that David was shocked. His sister was always a goodie-goodie, and never said anything bad about anyone, other that anti-gay stuff. Of course it was kind of related to anti-gay things. "Want me to help you run lines or something? Hang on-.....sorry it's Josh, probably needs homework help," Sarah said. Josh was a boy in Sarah's grade, he was fairly well known like his younger brother. He wasn't the smartest boy and Sarah started to help him and they became as close as a guy and girl could get with no feelings for each other. But more importantly the aforementioned younger brother was Jack Kelly, who Sarah recently found out was David's crush. According to Spot, David had liked him since last year. So Sarah did everything she could with Josh that would get their brothers together. It had worked a bit, because David got an occasional hi or nod in the halls. It wasn't unheard of, because Jack was a nice guy, but outside of class or forced projects, he never spoke to anyone except his friends, Racetrack, the known gambling master, Skittery who was only popular by a fluke of Jack and his mom knowing each other and Jack got to know him and decided he was an okay guy, and Snitch who people thought was only in the group because he had something on Jack. Which he did.

"Race, you could be of some help!" Jacked yelled in a whispered to Race during history.

"Well what am I supposed to do? Ask Spot out so you can get close to David. You know him some and your brother and his sister seem inseparable, so use that," Race whispered back. You see Race liked Spot, so that was no problem. Race was only one of two out gay kids. The other kid, Bumlets, was the school, to put it nicely, whore. He slept with whoever, so he was only good for that, race thought he gave gay kids a bad name. And Jack liked David, but he didn't want people to know, the only people who knew were his friends, although Snitch found out and thereted to tell. He was the only person Jack truly didn't like. But the reason he was afraid was his popularity, he knew it was shallow, but it was all he had. His family situation wasn't the best, be had Race's family was there but he did want their charity. If it was. Ended he would take it, but he wanted to make it on his own. He was sure the only reason Race was still cool was because he was rich, filthy, stinking rich. And he was scared to talk to David, that's why he avoided going with his brother to places, he'd go sometimes, but not always if he could help it.

"Ask out Spot, you do LIKE him!" Jack said.

"He isn't gay though," Race said.

"Whatever,"Jack rolled his eyes.

In fact, that was far from the truth.

"I brought you a cookie, Mushy!! And I have something special for our date tonight," Blink said with a smile.

"Awwwwww, I love you Blink," Mush said.

"You two are sickeningly cute," Spot said with a hint of jealousy.

"Spot here is jealous, right Blinky," Mush asked in a mocking voice.

"Yes he is, just cause little Tony Higgins won't ask I'm out. Emphasis on little," Blink replied

"Will you two shut up!" Spot said, angry now.

 David just sighed. It was like this for who knows how long. Mush, his best friend, was the boyfriend of his other friend, Ryan "Blink" Ballatt who he had known from a Spanish project. And as Spot put it, they were sickeningly cute. Spot was a friend who was a fluke. He was the star of the baseball, soccer, and track teams, even at his small size. But he was also a theatre lover, and once the jocks learned that, he was at the bottom of the sport ladder. Through theatre Spot and David had become friends, and the first person after his sister to learn he was gay. He had been caught thinking out loud about Jack one day and Spot caught him. And David learned Spot was gay because he told him after he had caught David, he even told him about his crush on Racetrack.

"Um, hey," they heard a voice behind them say. David recognized the voice and saw that Spot did too.

"Hi Racetrack," Spot said in a not so calm manner. You would never guess Spot was gay if you didn't know he was in theatre, or when Tony Higgens walked by.

"Um, I don't know how to say this, but, um," was it just David or did he detect nervousness in Racetrack's voice, "Spot, would you, um, go to the movies with me on Friday, um, like as a date?"

If David didn't knew how serious this was he would have laughed at the blissful, yet shocked look on Spot's face.

"This isn't a joke is it?" David asked. He shouldn't have interfered, but he knew people like Racetrack, gay or not, could pull mean jokes like that for a cheep laugh. Race shook his head no. "Prove it then," Spot asked.

"Sure," and with that he leaned down and gave Spot a kiss that lasted more than a fake kiss would.

"So I'll see you on Friday?" Spot could only nod.

"Oh boy," David thought out loud to no one inperticular, "this will be a long, long week."