A Hodgepodge of Drabbles by shinigami_nanoda
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Author's Notes:
The first three drabbles make up a set, so I would recommend reading them together. Also, many thanks to Fan80 for being my beta for these!
Today was the day. Today he could do anything.

Racetrack whistled tunelessly around his cigar as he nervously adjusted his hat. He took a deep breath and strutted purposefully down the streets, cutting through well worn alleys towards the docks.

“Heya Spot.”

“What are you doing here, Race?”

“Oh nothin'; just passing through.”

Spot's eyes narrowed slightly. He smelled a lie. He didn't like it when people lied to him.

“If it's nothing, get outta here. I got stuff to do,” Spot's stare was icy.

Race knew a dismissal when he heard it.

Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow could be the day.