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El nombre es Cellorama. Y Cello, cellblock, Mikey, wifey, Cielita, Jcello, Jello. Etc!

Tiene anos 17! W00t!

..ok, enough Spanish.

Things you must learn:
Axl Rose is a God.
Slash is a God.
Kurt Cobain is a God. ..was.
The Sex Pistols are Gods.
The Clash are Gods.
Sloan is an obscure God.
R.E.M. Gods.
See where I'm going?

Mushaholic (5:19:43 PM): Shortie/Cellblock OTP THEIRLOVEISSOINCESTUOUS

ImpWraith (5:32:55 PM): make them snog
ImpWraith (5:33:07 PM): swear their undying love for each other...
ImpWraith (5:33:28 PM): and leave us all with toothaches and melted into a puddle on the floor.

MondieGoil (7:16:48 PM): hahahahahahahaha
MondieGoil (7:16:57 PM): *giggles at rach*
MondieGoil (7:17:02 PM): *and at annie*

Its99InTheShade : at least I can spell sugar
smallxlovelykiss : ..shut up

Mushaholic (9:24:22 PM): ABU! NOOOOOOOO!
Mushaholic (9:24:34 PM): INFIDELS!

slasheeladee: CHOCOBOS

...............yeah. omfgwtflolz!!11111oneone!1 kthxBAI.
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Halo and Starbursts by Cellorama Rated: J - Jack starstarstarstar [Reviews - 6]
Summary: Dutchy ponders about Specs; Specs ponders about Dutchy. Het in the beginning, implied slash throughout. 'The faint, lime green reminded him of Specs. Green was Specs' favorite color.'
Categories: Specs/Dutchy Characters: Dutchy, Specs
Genres: Modern: Fluff, Modern: Humor Warnings: None
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 3762
Published: 05.07.2004 Updated: 05.07.2004